The latest information of a new condo in Hawaii "Launiu"  *Update regularly

The latest information of a new condo in Hawaii "Launiu" *Update regularly

  • Tomoya Tsuruhara
  • 10/1/23

While Honolulu continues to construction due to redevelopment, pre-sale for new condos begins even before construction of the property begins.  

If a property is popular, It may sell out in the early stage of pre-sale. If you are considering buying it, It is necessary to get information and apply as soon as possible.

There is a redevelopment project called “Ward Village” in Kakaako handled by major American developer Howard Hughes We will introduce the new condo that is waiting for pre-sale to those who are considering buying a luxury condo with the latest facilities.

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About Launiu

A luxury condo Launiu is scheduled to be constructed as the 11th building in the large-scale development project “Ward Village” in Kakaako, which is located between Ala Moana, famous for its shopping mall and downtown, the ministry town. 

As of now, In the ward village, the sixth building has been completed and the 7th to 10th buildings are under construction after getting permits for construction and pre-sales are underway. However, almost all properties are sold out already, and there are no rooms available on the upper floors and with nice views. For that reason, Launiu has been attracting attention, with the next presale scheduled to begin. 

Current Launiu Information (As of June 2023)

There is no detailed information released regarding the Launiu by Ward Village. If they plan to build, they must submit a construction plan to the State of Hawaii and get a construction permit. Since the construction plan is required to be released to the public, It’s possible to know a part of the information about Launiu. From here, we have summarized the information that has been released as of June 2023. We will keep them updated as more information is scheduled to be released.

1. Location 

Launiu is planned to be located by the left side of the seaside in Ward Village which is a project area of 55 acres. It is located at the bottom left of the above map, encircled by the blue dots line and is located across the 10th building, Kalae which is on Presale and Ward Street. 

Launiu is planned to be built in the mountainside area where the Kakaako farmers market, popular with tourists and residents every Saturday used to be located at two places across Ala Moana Avenue. The Kakaako farmers market has been moved to the Yacht Harborside. 

There are three levels of settings In Ward Village, the first row is along Ala Moana Avenue, the second row is along Auahi Avenue, and the third row is along Halekauwela Avenue and the level of luxury increases from the seaside in order. 

Since the Launiu is in the first row, It is expected to be built in the most luxurious row in the Ward Village. 


According to the data, the scale of the condo is the following. 

Site area: 92,136 square feet (8,560 m2)

Total floor area: 667,825 square feet (62,043 m2)

Amenity space: 78,310 square feet (7,275 m²)

First floor commercial space: 21,726 square feet (2,018 m2)

It will be 400 feet tall with 40 stories

From the 1st and 7th floors are the podium, with commercial space on the 1st floor, residential rooms and a parking lot on the 2nd floor, and the residential space will be on the 8th floor to the rest. 


Amenities are separated by the 1st and 7th floor, the 1st floor will be an open space and dog park, 7th floor will be two pools for adults and children, cabanas, a studio, a party room, a BBQ area, a fitness area connected indoor and outdoor. 

< The 1st Floor Map>

<The 7th Floor Map>

Those are based on the maps from the construction plan so we will update them as soon as we get more detailed information


<Podium part>

The first floor is an entrance, commercial space and parking lot. From the 2nd to 6th floors are rooms and a parking lot, and the 6th floor is an amenity floor. This podium is mainly for studio-type.

<Tower part>

From the 8th floor to the 40th floors have12 rooms on each floor, including 2 studio rooms, 4 one-bedroom rooms, 4 two-bedroom, and 2 three-bedroom. There will be 486 rooms total in the entire Launiu. 

Let’s get the latest information as soon as possible

Launiu is the only condo in Ward Village that is waiting for presale right now. The entire Ward Village is expected to be completed in 2030 and 14 condos are constructed based on the master plan. Launiu is the 11th condo so only 4 more condos will be constructed including Launiu. Development of Ward Village is progressing steadily, and tenants continue to move into the commercial space, attracting more and more attention.

If you are interested in Ward Village, It is important to know the latest information and not miss out on chances. We notify you of the latest information , so please contact us. We accept inquiries and free consultations via email. 


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