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Tomoya Tsuruhara

Tomoya Tsuruhara

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As an agent for homeowners and prospective homeowners in Hawaii's premier residential and commercial properties, Tomoya Tsuruhara is committed to serving clients and providing expert advice on local real estate trends.
Tomoya Tsuruhara lived in many countries. Originally from Japan, He lived in England and Milan before finally settling in Hawaii. It's been 15 years since he started living in Hawaii. He likes the great climate, great community, and new development projects such as great restaurants and luxury buildings.
With over 16 years in the real estate industry, he has become a respected real estate professional with a great eye for the best homes and real estate spaces. A personable and knowledgeable about real estate, clients appreciate his ability to successfully market and sell residential and commercial properties for the highest possible price.
He founded a new brokerage firm named YourTurn Inc. in 2023. His new journey began in the real estate industry.
Whether developing, investing, buying, or selling, he is committed to our clients and moves quickly to get the best possible outcome for them. And most of all, he is passionate about what he does and his clients, delivering unparalleled service excellence and client satisfaction.
Tomoya has a wonderful family. I have 4-year-old twins (a boy and a girl) and 1 dog. My hobbies are soccer, golf, fishing, and art collection.

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As an experienced agent, we offer a personalized and professional service. If you want to start your dream home search journey, please feel free to contact us.

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